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Ordinances & Codes


Community Code Enforcement Liaison & Investigations

Assistant Chief Joe Cline

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Lawson City Ordinances/Codes

210.030 - 210.090: Fire Detectors

215.020 - 215.020: Nuisance - Fire hazards. 

220.030 - 220.030: Fireworks

225.180 - 225.180: False Reporting

Burn Notice Request Form

All requests will be responded to by email with a signed Burn Permit, from a Lawson Fire & Rescue Team Member. During Business Hours.

M-TH 8:00-4:30 PM

FRI. 8:00- 12:00 PM

If you do not receive an approved notice, you will receive an email explaining the circumstances in which notice cannot be granted at that time. 

An approved notice must be presented to Fire & Police authorities if called to your residence.

No official form could result in fines 

 All notices are only good for two consecutive days. 



Be Especially Vigilant Around Holidays

Holidays are often a time of lighting candles, putting up lights and spending additional time in the kitchen. Check that last years light cords are working  and turn them off before bed. Try battery operated candles verses flames. And keep any real tree at least 3ft away from a heat source. 

Make A Household Plan

Residents should have a fire escape plan for everyone in their household – including pets. They should review the plan and practice their escape procedures together as a group to ensure that everyone knows what to do

Install Smoke Detectors

Most home fire deaths happen when people are asleep, so it’s critical that residents have working smoke detectors in their homes to provide an early warning.

Unplug Appliances When Not In Use

unplug items – especially curling irons and straighteners – before dashing out the door.